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[:en]1-   When you buy policies from insurance companies resident in Turkey through mytravelinsurance-tr.com, you will get health services with no additional cost, (depending on your policy terms )  from a widespread network of hospitals and from the  assistance services. But, if you prefer to provide your insurance policy from abroad, there will be  limited service and you will probably have to pay your health expenses by yourself and then they will pay back if the expenses are approved by that insurance company.

2-       We are Turkey’s unique local and international travel insurance website.

3-      Student Insurance Policy has to be bought by students going abroad for more than 90 days.

4-      If you come to Turkey and will stay for educational purpose, we are offering you one of the the best student insurance package for Turkey.

5-      We are easily accessible by a local phone number whenever needed, and we serve you as quick as possible with local assistance.

6-      When needed in Turkey,  you will access  to the local assistance company serving you in English or Turkish..[:]