1)  Medical Treatment due to injury or illness

If the insured suffers from any sudden illness or injury under this policy, April Turkey, on the behalf of HDI, shall indemnify for the hospital, operation and treatment expenses as well as the expenses of medicine given by the concerned physician within the limits of the policy. The medicines prescribed to be used after discharge are out of coverage. Pre-existing and chronic illnesses are out of scope of this coverage.

2)  Medical consultancy/ Medical information / Organization
April Turkey gives information for medical problems which the insured faces. All the expenses concerning this coverage will be covered by the Insured.

3)  Medical Transportation or Repatriation of the Insured due to injury or illness-Medical Transfer
If the insured suffers from any sudden sickness or injury under this policy; April Turkey shall ensure transportation of the insured to the nearest healthcare centre and/or institution. By the vehicle of transportation which is most appropriate for the medical condition of the insured. If there is no necessary equipment and medical staff for the treatment of patient in the existing healthcare centre and/or establishment, the company shall be obliged to ensure transportation of the insured to another healthcare centre and/or establishment that is suitable for the medical condition of the insured. It’s essential that the medical report is provided by the practising doctor for medical transfers. Only April Turkey’s doctor can decide for the air ambulance. Air ambulance service is not covered in the non-European countries.

In case of the insured’s discharge, once the treatment due to serious illness or serious injury under the scope of mentioned policy is completed and the APRIL doctor decides that the insured will not be able to go on his/her travel and will not be able to use the transportation vehicle aimed for his/her original travel, the Company will cover necessary expenses for transportation or repatriation of insured to his/her permanent residence. It is obligatory to get the medical report indicating the patient’s transportation conditions.

4)  Repatriation of the funeral
In case of the insured’s death due to sudden illness or injury within this policy, April Turkey will organize the transportation of corpse to its permanant residence. Funeral ceremony and burial expenses are out of scope of coverage.

5)  Urgent messages delivery
April Turkey will provide conveying urgent or necessary messages concerning the subjects in all above articles upon the request of insured


  • Countries involved in war are outside the scope of coverage, even if they are not specified in policy.
  • International Travel policies are valid for the subsequent 92 days once the travel starts. Even if a new policy is arranged, for travels exceeding subsequent 92 days without entry to Turkish Republic borders, all coverages will be invalid and this duration cannot be extended. New policy(ies) arranged in this way will be invalid.